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Bathroom TV Mirror Glass

With vanishing TV mirror technology your TV will disappear within your bathroom vanity mirror at the press of a button.

Decor Meets Technology

With our advanced beam splitter tv mirrors, when the TV is off the black surface of your TV serves as the backing to this innovative mirror TV glass. Then turn ON the TV and the mirror becomes clear, as the light from your TV emits through the glass with astonishing clarity.

TV Mirror Pricing


Custom Cut-To-Size TV Mirror Glass
for any application.

Specify the glass type and edging or backing options you would prefer for your space and we'll cut and ship directly for your DIY application.

Order TV Mirror Samples

OptiClear Ultra

Unsurpassed in clarity and reflectivity for a perfect balance of TV versus hidden TV concealment.


This mirror glass is our lowest reflectivity TV Mirror, but is sometimes preferred because of its clarity.

Reflections Vanity

The perfect complement for a hidden television behind your vanity mirror when you need a fully vanishing TV.


This is our economy line of glass offering the highest reflectivity but the darkest impact on the TV's screen.

Will my TV's picture be affected?

Anytime glass is placed in front of a TV there will be some level of impact on the TV viewing. It's important to understand the full impact by reviewing samples prior to purchasing.

TV Mirror Effects


Design Your Mirror Frame Today

Our online configurator tool makes the design and payment process smooth and secure. Your custom TV frame is made in the USA and then shipped to you to install.

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